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Victorian Ball Gown 1860 model “Giorgia”


The 1860 Victorian Ball Gown model “Giorgia” is perfect to be worn in an elegant ballroom decorated for parties.

Made to measure, burgundy satin and white Chantilly lace. Bodice Supported by 9 metal bones, with adjustable cross lacing.




Wearing this dress, it’s easy to imagine being in an elegant ballroom, fully dressed to the nines for the holidays. Become the star of the evening!

The bespoke Victorian Ball Gown, model “Giorgia”, is based on an 1860’s silhouette. The period garment is made in burgundy satin and white Chantilly lace finished with piping cord and added velvet ribbon embellishments.

The Victorian Ball Gown 1860, model “Giorgia”, has a stiffened bodice thanks to the presence of 9 steel bones sewn inside.

The classic pointy shape is finished at the hem and seams with a piping cord covered with burgundy velvet bias tape. The upper part is adorned with a satin Bertha with applied gathered lace, finished with velvet ribbon, then resumed at the hems of the balloon sleeve.

The lace on the sleeve forms a pretty bell that is longer in the back. The Bertha, in the back, is divided into two pieces to allow the bodice to be fastened by lacing through eyelets.

The neckline of the bodice is finished with a cream-colored gathered tulle trimming, while inside, two additional pads have been placed on either side of the bust, to give the neckline the classic heart shape of the time. The skirt is pleated around the waist and finished with an invisible hem. In addition, inside the bodice, there are two hooks and eyes that allow you to secure it to the skirt making sure that it does not move.

To allow for better movement in case the dress is used for period dance performances, it is possible to insert an OPTIONAL elastic band at shoulder height.


For any questions or requests for changes or information please contact me.

You can change the material color and embellishment. Any changes may have an additional cost, contact me in this case before purchase.

IMPORTANT: It is not always possible to find the same identical materials, in which case the dress will be made with materials that are the most similar to those in the picture.

TIME TO MAKE THE PRODUCT, a custom product requires an implementation phase ranging from 2 to 10 weeks. In case you need to receive the item before the time indicated, contact me for more information.
BEFORE PURCHASE send a private message in case you need to communicate any details or changes.


The Victorian Ball Gown 1860 model “Giorgia”  can be enriched by wearing Victorian undergarments and giving it a touch of class and authenticity.




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