Cotton ribbon slot lace


The cotton ribbon slot lace takes us back in time, giving your garment an instant touch of Victorian romance.

The lace is made entirely of white cotton and has an overall height of 2 cm. A pink satin ribbon is inserted inside the lace and this ribbon is 0.5 cm in height. The ribbon can be easily replaced with any other ribbon of equal height.


The lace is sold by the meter.



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When we look at the cotton ribbon slot lace, we are immediately taken back in time. This particular lace will give your garment an instant dash of Victorian romance.

It is made of 100% white cotton. This cotton ribbon slot lace has an overall height of 2 cm. The pink satin ribbon which is inserted, on the other hand, is 0.5 cm in height and can be easily replaced with any ribbon of the same height. In this way, you can adjust the color of the ribbon to your stylistic preferences and needs.

This cotton ribbon slot lace is ideal for finishing the hems of corsets, lingerie, camisoles, corset covers, petticoats, and baby clothes.

Since the lace is 100% cotton, it can be washed and ironed without any problems. In the case of the ribbon, on the other hand, should it wrinkle while washing, you can easily remove it to replace it or simply iron it.

A little trick to make your ribbon look as good as new is to iron it using a hair straightener at a medium temperature. Useful, right?

Here you can find a picture of the cotton ribbon slot lace used in our Victorian corset.


The Pink Satin White cotton ribbon slot lace is just one of the many accessories for your sewing projects available at the Secret Times online store.

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