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Sewing Pattern printing

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Print your sewing patterns on large format sheets. Choose the right format for your design, upload your file, and, if you want, you can set your cover too. We’ll send your pattern folded neatly directly to your doorstep.

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Why choose our large-format printing service for your sewing patterns?

So, you’ve just finished creating your digital sewing pattern or have recently purchased one. Now, how do you turn it into a paper sewing pattern for cutting your next sewing project without a plotter (large-format printer)?

While creating my sewing patterns with the free digital sewing pattern program Valentina, I soon found myself needing to print my sewing patterns with my home printer, ending up cutting and pasting many A4 sheets. . It was a sort of enormous, never-ending puzzle. Of course, the alternative to a copy shop wasn’t practical due to the exorbitant cost.

It’s frustrating to have finally completed your sewing pattern, while eagerly waiting to cut your fabric, only to find yourself spending time with glue and scissors instead.

That’s why I want to offer you the opportunity to print your sewing patterns for low cost. You’ll receive them neatly folded in A4 format directly at your doorste , ready to be used or stored in your archive.

It’s very simple to use this service:

  1. Choose the paper size suitable for your design. (Remember, it’s always better to choose the larger one if you are not sure.)
  2. Select whether you want to print in color or black and white.
  3. Upload your file in PDF, SVG, VLT, PNG, JPEG, or JPG format.
  4. Optionally, you can choose to add a cover to your order, ensuring your sewing pattern archive is organized and appealing.
  5. Choose the number of sheets according to the size you want to print and click “Add to Cart”.

The cover will appear like this:Example cover of printed sewing patterns

  1. Title of your sewing pattern.
  2. Drawing of your sewing pattern, for immediate recognition at first glance.
  3. Size of the garment, once it’s made. If there are multiple sizes, you can list them separated by a dash.
  4. Quantity in meters of the main fabric, to quickly determine if that fabric you love is enough for your new project.
  5. Note: You can include any information that may be useful, such as the recommended fabric type or additional haberdashery materials needed for the garment.

We will print your pattern on 90g paper, fold it neatly into A4 format, and place it in an envelope ready to be shipped.

Remember, this is only a sewing pattern printing service, it does not include pattern creation.

We will not print files containing photos or images, only files with sewing pattern drawings will be printed.

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Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 0,345 × 0,265 × 0,03 m
The paper size

A3 (29,7×42 cm), A2 (42×59,4 cm), A1 (59,4×84,1 cm), A0 (84,1×118,9 cm), A0+ (91,3×147 cm), A0 maxi (91,3X189 cm)


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