Bra cut & sew foam padding

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The sew-foam padding, which is extremely easy to cut and sew, is perfect for making your bra or your new dress with cups.

The composition of this fabric allows for it to be easily cut and sewn. Easy to shape and it will allow you to make all the 3D shapes you want, giving your imagination free rein.


This product is sold in 36 x 50 cm rectangles.



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You cannot make your bra or dress with cups without sew-foam padding.

Cut & sew foam is a material commercially available in various thicknesses. This one, in particular, has a thickness of 3 mm and consists of two layers of flesh-colored fabric with a layer of foam placed between them.

As you can guess from the name, this material can easily be cut and sewn. It is available in 36 x 50 cm rectangles and will allow you to make as many 3D shapes as you wish.

By joining the various pieces of the pattern, you can create an infinite variety of shapes with simple zig-zag stitching. Padding fabric, or sew-foam, can be used to make bra cups, dresses, costumes, shoulder straps, padding, and neck or hip supports.

Of all those previously mentioned, undoubtedly, it is most commonly used as padding for bras. By using the bra pattern, we can create a perfect made-to-measure cup and, if necessary, a push-up option.

On the Secret Time website you can also find bra underwires, underwire casings, bra straps and decorative satin bows. Choose the perfect colors for your project and have fun!



Cut & sew foam padding are just one of the many corset accessories available at Secret Times.

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