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Prym Seam Roll


The Prym Seam Roll is an essential tool for ironing sleeves, collars, cuffs and trousers.

It is resistant to high temperatures, and has two sides one in cotton and the other in wool, making it the perfect ironing surface for any fabric and temperature.



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The Prym Seam Roll is a useful accessory that will make your ironing easier.
The round, elongated shape of the tailor’s ham allows you to reach tricky spots on your garment or fabric without creating creases.
Once you start using it, this product will be an essential item for ironing sleeves, collars and trousers.

This product has two different sides, one made of cotton and one made of wool, which will allow you to have the most suitable ironing surface for your fabric according to the required temperature.

To get the best ironing result, in addition to Prym Seam Roll, you can also use the Prym’s Tailor’s Ham, is available on the Secret Times website.



The Prym Seam Roll is one of the many handy tools available at Secret Times to help you create your projects.

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Weight 0,12 kg
Dimensions 0,25 × 0,09 × 0,06 m


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