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Madeira Thread 1000m Classic 40 col.1058


Madeira Viscose(Rayon) machine embroidery thread, Classic color 1058: Mushroom.
Cones of 1000m, title 40. This thread has a high resistance to breakage, as well as a softness and a color shine that is truly unique.
If you don’t find the color you want, send me an email and I’d be more than happy to help you out.


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Madeira Classic 40, thread for embroidery machines. Cone of 1000m col.1058: Mushroom.
Viscose (rayon) threads are made of viscose filaments and are especially known for their smooth/silky appearance and natural, soft sheen.
They’re ideal for embellishing your historical costumes with stunning embroidery, perfectly mimicking the delicate silk embroidery of the era.

The structure of viscose is comparable to that of cotton and its texture is similar to that of natural fibers. The threads are soft, homogeneous, delicate on the skin and particularly pleasant to the touch. The embroidered elements have bright and vivid colors with a gorgeous silky sheen. Classic threads are quite flexible and give you the ability to embroider on any point of the garment, in any direction, moreover, using a variety of techniques.

Viscose threads also slide without any friction on the embroidery machine, thus preserving it. Thanks to the high lightfastness of the thread and its resistance to washing at high temperatures of up to 95°C, the garments can be cleaned in different ways while maintaining their original beauty over time.

Embroideries made with viscose threads are distinguished by their depth and fine lustre. Attractive shading effects can also be achieved with this type of thread. The type and direction of stitches can create light effects and add multi-dimensionality.

Even when you plan to work with a high number and density of stitches, viscose threads will make your embroideries soft, delicate on the skin and pleasant to the touch. Their fine lustre is somewhat reminiscent of silk and allows for clear and accurate patterns.

While it is true that embroideries are easy to clean and their colors remain vibrant even after several washes, it is worth noting that cellulose-based materials are used in the production of rayon threads. Therefore, the use of bleach (chlorine) will have a destructive effect on them. Viscose rayon threads are considered semi-synthetic since the raw material is obtained from trees and chemically transformed into thread. For products in our Classic line, we only use wood from certified forests.

If you can’t find the color you want, send me an email and I’ll be happy to help you.

You can download the PANTONE /COLOR Reference Guide here.
The Pantone color reference always allows you to find the right color for your embroidery designs.


For more info visit the Madeira website.

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