5 New features on Valentina, the software for sewing patterns

5 New features on Valentina, the software for sewing patterns

5 New features on Valentina, the software for sewing patterns

I am very happy to tell you more about Valentina, as new updates to the program are frequently released. So let’s take a look at the 5 new features of Valentina, the free software for designing your own patterns with your computer. These new features have been introduced up to the release of version 0.7.52, which you can download HERE.

If you are not yet familiar with Valentina and are interested in learning more about it, you can find more info about it HERE.

1. Background image

The first new feature I definitely want to share with you is the option to insert one or more background images to your Valentina design which could be used as a reference or baseline for your project.

We can add our background image from the menu item “Model Part” >> “Add Background Image“.
The following formats are accepted: .bmp .jpeg .jpg .png .svg .svgz .tif .tiff .webp

We have the ability to set the scale and opacity percentages to make the background image more or less visible, thereby preventing it from getting in our way while drawing.

By selecting the image, we can edit, rotate or change its size.
However, we can also lock the image if we’re afraid of making these changes unawarely. We have the option of selecting the “hold” checkbox, which will lock the image in the background.

Background - Novità di Valentina, software per cartamodelli

2. Puzzle

In my opinion, this is the juiciest new feature in Valentina.

This is a sub-program within Valentina (similar to Tape), which allows us to make manual layouts and see the portion we want to print.

You can use portioned printing simply to print the portion you want and yet, this can be equally useful when making the placement of the pattern on the fabric and then checking how much fabric you would need in order to make your design.

Printing a portion of your layout allows you to print your patterns directly with your home printer in A4 size.
There’s a ruler for reference to check the correct scale of the print as well as instructions on where to cut and glue the various sheets, so you can easily create the completed pattern.

3. .svg Drawing Export

Back in the day, thanks to the Valentina software, we could export our details (pattern pieces) in .svg format, now thanks to the new features introduced with the updates, you can export the actual pattern as well.

This is a very useful feature if you still use pencil and paper during the creative process or if you prefer to do pattern corrections by hand.

This allows you to combine your computer’s speed and accuracy with the creativity and swiftness of the pencil (a winning combination).

4. Renaming curves

If you have used Valentina before, you have probably found yourself in a situation where you need to use a curve in a formula.

Finding a curve, in designs that are a bit more complex, is quite a challenge with all the similar names. With all the letters and numbers, the whole thing looks more like a tax code.

Now, by using the Alias setting you can rename a curve, giving it a name that is meaningful to you and easy to find.
For example, if you draw a basic bodice you can rename the armhole curve with “armhole_dav“.

5. Watermark

If you make sewing patterns with your computer, you might be interested in sharing them online on your Blog. You may also want to sell them as digital products on your e-commerce site and/or a marketplace such as Etsy.

In such cases, it is useful to put a watermark to protect your work.
A Watermark is a semi-transparent writing or design that appears on images to identify the author and make it hard for others to misuse them.

With Valentina, you can apply and edit the watermark from the menu.

You can use a simple inscription or an image as a watermark, changing its rotation and opacity. In addition, you could also make it either black or white.

New features valentina softwate sewing patterns

These are the five new features you can find on the Valentina pattern software. Without a doubt, my favorite new feature is the Puzzle feature.

Right from the beginning, I have always found printing from Valentina’s layout to be a little slow in setting up. I enjoy having the ability to preview the end result of the print. I also find it to be very useful when purchasing fabric.

Which of these new features do you find the most useful? Let me know in the comments below. 👩🏼‍💻💬

Online video course-Valentina

I know… I know this is not something new that came out from the program updates. However, if you are interested in learning how to use Valentina, soon you will find a video course for sale on the Secret-times online store.

This video course will guide you through your first steps with the Valentina software, while you create and print your first sewing pattern.

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